Mulching Film

Mulching Film

Mulching Film is an essential component for protecting your crops and improving yield. The high-quality Mulching Film offered by Ilex Inc ensures that your crops remain healthy, protected, and free from any external damage. Our Mulching Films come in different sizes and are made of premium materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Choose Ilex Inc for a reliable and efficient Mulching Film solution for your crops.


  • Weed control
  • Earlier flowering
  • Output increased
  • Better fruit size
  • Flower dropping controlled during rainfall
  • Control in fungal diseases
  • Fruit rotting by soil splashing during rainfall controlled
  • Pest control by 25%
  • Saving in water consumption


  • Vegetable mulch – 25/30 microns
  • Orchard Mulch – 50/100 microns


  • Thickness: 20, 25, 40, 50,100 & 150 Micron
  • Width: 1.00/1.20/1.30 Metres
  • Length: Up to 400 Metres
  • Colour: Black, Black silver (for Pomegranate for better colour of red fruit), Black white (for all orchards)

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