Bopp & Shrink Films

Bopp & Shrink Films

We offer a range of high-quality BOPP and shrink films for packaging needs. Our films are designed to keep your products fresh, protected, and appealing. Our BOPP films are strong and provide an excellent barrier against moisture and dust, ensuring that your products are kept in optimal condition during transportation and storage. Our shrink films are perfect for packaging products that require a tight, secure seal, while also providing a professional look and feel. Our shrink films are easy to use and can be applied with minimal equipment.


  • Made from high performance LDPE Granules
  • Protection from dust and moisture
  • Cost Efficient and affirmative to cartoon on Paper packaging
  • Easy to use with all shrink equipment
  • High quality, High strength, film customized as per our need


  • Water Packaging
  • Box Packaging
  • Pallet Shrink
  • Welding Rods


  • Width: 100 mm to 1700 mm
  • Length: 200 mm to 3000 mm
  • Thickness: 20 microns to 400 microns
  • Shrinkage: 65%

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