PP Straps

PP Straps

We offer high-quality PP Straps that are suitable for various packaging needs. These straps are made from premium quality materials that offer high tensile strength, durability, and flexibility, making them ideal for securing and bundling a wide range of products. These PP Straps are resistant to breakage, weathering, and wear, ensuring that your packaged goods remain safe and secure during transit. They are available in different sizes and colors to suit your specific requirements. Our PP Straps are easy to use, and their lightweight design makes them cost-effective and convenient for shipping.


  • Pp Straps are lightweight compare to others.
  • Pp Straps are economical and cost-effective.
  • Pp Straps provide high elasticity.
  • Pp Strap offers high tensile strength capacity and it can easily sustain in the industrial applications.
  • Pp Strap can sustain sudden shocks because it has a natural shock-resistant ability.
  • It is Easy to use, recyclable and reusable.


  • Width: 5 mm to 18 mm
  • Thickness: 0.47 to 1 mm
  • Length Meters: 1000 to 7000
  • T/Strength: 38 to 188
  • Standard Colours: Transparent / White / Black / (Customized colours are available)
  • Core Dimension: 152 ID x 150mm / 203 ID x 187mm / 280 ID x 187mm / 405 ID x 150mm
  • Length & Weight: Variaton Within +/- 5%

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