Cow/Stable Mat


Cow/Stable Mat:

Rubber Animal Mats (also known as Cow Mat/Buffalo Mat) are specially crafted in order to aid the Cattle's hygiene, ensure less fatigue and help against excessive rheumatism. The concrete flooring is never comfortable for the animals. Cows are Happy to lie on Rubber mat rather than Concrete Floor.
The Cow Mats are made up of multiple designs. However, the interlocking Cow mats are the most convenient and easy to spread mats, for a wide area. They can be easily leaned and treated periodically for a longer utility.

  1. Designed with premium grade rubber and a microcellular blend of EVA which holds tiny air bubbles offering comfortable bedding.
  2. Non-slip surface reduces limb injury & medical costs.
  3. Reduces infections by maintaining hygiene through underneath fluid clearing channels.
  4. The anti-fatigue feature resists excessive rheumatism, relieve the symptoms of arthritis cause lameness in cows, reduce premature culling.
  5. Improves pregnancy productivity of dairy cows.
  6. Offers floor insulation, heat and moisture resistance.

    Stable mat: Stable mat also known as horse mat. Stable Rubber matting is warmer & quieter than concrete or gravel flooring. They provide a unique level of comfort and safety for horses to walk, lay, and perform comfort activities, like grooming. It’s EASY TO CLEAN. Rubber holds up especially well in wet conditions, preventing against slips and trips, and allowing animals to walk with ease.

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